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RadioLDN Podcast – (Encounters) – (Utōpia) (Techno)

Bio :

Early in 1998 he found his way playing music by himself with two turntables and a mixer.

After few years getting in shape he moved forward to perform in clubs and Raves, eventually with time becoming a Sound Technician.

After getting certificated as sound technician life took him on a different path, moving to London and finding out he had other hidden talents.

In between he managed always play music, music has always been there.

His wife knew this and gave him for his birthday latest needles and capsules, pushing him against the turntables even more than before, awaking in him the desire to play music again.

Now he is back again immersed in new exciting projects.

Javier Escribano , returns as Utōpia to give good selected music, to take you on a journey with dark and deep sounds.

Tracklist :

01. In Half Light, Ossa di Mare / Tallnyet

02. Fall of Man / Gun

03. Physics / Cardao

04. Fragant / Arthur Robert

05. Oblivion / Rødhåd

06. Undertow / Planetary Assault Systems

07. Hyperx / Shlomi Aber

08. Nature / Oscar Mulero

09. Terraria / Takaaki Ito

10. XSSX / Cristian Varela

11. Lyth / Vegim

12. Radiant / Korben Nice

13. The Unholy Mausoleum / Prophän

14. More-Shems District / Prophän

15. The Eyes Themselves / Planetary Assault Systems

16. Spiritus Sanctus / Svarog

17. Tosa / Flug

18. Fünfzig / Unconscious / Utōpia Edit version

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