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Bulgarian Dj Pavlin Bachvarov (PBACHVAROV) working towards his own music production and label with partnership.
Experienced as guest DJ for various private venues and clubs around Europe and South America including collaborating with top DJ’s.
His passion is about interacting with audience by mixing great extensive collection of the latest and most powerful track drops and beats of House, Techno, Trance, Progressive. Based in London and currently DJ resident in Poland. Hosting two big events in Ministry of Sound London soon
Currently wrapping up a several tours as a DJ guest in Poland and MOS LONDOB
Aleksander born in Poland Dj and producer with the passion in industrial distorted signals and sounds.
From the London underground to the peak of global club, the reign of Dawid Staporek continues to pull on the heartstrings of modern techno.
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SurowyStan – Live vinyl Dj Set (Techno)

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  • Create Date 18th March 2020
  • Last Updated 9th April 2020

SurowyStan - Live vinyl Dj Set (Techno)

Surowy Stan - Dj, promotor, producer.
Born in Warsaw, begun his first steps in electronic music as a fan of D'N'B in 2008 at CDQ, Indeks, 1500m2 clubs.
Beining inspired by Black Sun Empire, Cause4Concern, Prolix, Hedj he imbibed and sunk in clubbing culture, constantly searching for an unique sound.
In 2010 after witnessing Love Parade in Duisburg as well as Mayday in Katowice his taste in music shifted to Techno and upon those changes Surowy Stan initiated productions and sets in such genre. At the beginning his various productions oscillated in Minimal, however with time his music underwent gradual change of subgenres into Dark Techno, Acid Dub, Industrial and Oldschool Techno.
Voltage and tempo is Surowy Stan's flagship of the older productions of artists such as : Dave The Drummer, Krenzlin, Dax J, Chris Liebing, Heiko Laux, Johannes Heil. In addition, the nature and sound of Surowy Stan- "Harsh Stan", is a reflection of berlin's club Tresor as Harsh Stan /Harsh Sound is a flagship of it.
Apart from all above Surowy Stan is also a proud co-organiser of underground electronic music initiative - Quality Control as well as cyclic events- Open Deck's.