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Radio Show - Undeground Techno
09:00 SkyHARD
10:00 Agnieszka Mutke
11:00 Rosina Fernandez
12:00 Sendlak
13:00 Lemudo
14:00 TrixX K
15:00 SOTO
16:00 DJ DS
17:00 Marisol García
18:00 Ellie
19:00 Verbindung
20:00 Marcus Meyer
21:00 DJ PeXu
22:00 Spec J DJ
23:00 VASARA
00:00 Aleksander

9 JULY 2021 / 9AM-00PM

Rosina Fernandez
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Angelica Console

Angelica Console was born on 23rd september 1996 nearby Bologna, where she started to get in touch with the rave/industrial culture, during her teenage years.
At the moment she lives in Milan, and operates in her personal recording Studio. “P37Studio” is a working project she started after her bachelor in Audio Production, realeased by SAE Institute.
During the last years she worked on the concept of Italo-Bufftech, a specifical electronic music sub-genre she has conceived by herself, coming from the union of minimal/glitch sounds, berserk rythms, and italian robotic vocals. These elements are put together in order to represent the never ending anxious state which we’re all costrained to live by nowadays society, which pushes us more and more to feeling the urge of being different kind of artificial intelligence and “social” algorythms. Italo-bufftech tracks produced by Angelica have been realeased on her youtube channel “Olor” where she presents also graphic concepts she’s been working on in collaboration with visual artist and programmer Kinetic Mud.