Duo K


Bio ENG:
Duo K kolektiv is established by two friends connected by passion to techno music.
Karol — music lover searching for freshness who fell in love not only with electronic sounds. The
passion to music has been implanted in him by his father who sensibilize him to different music
genres. He has started his adventure with music playing sax but nowadays he find himself as a music
producer and DJ with weak spot to hard and acid sounds.
Kamil — present in music market since 2011. As a lone sound researcher he pressed material in
different imprints such as Dirty Stuff Rec, he played on huge events like Silesia in Love and has
opportunity to be the host in House Music Station radio. Nowadays he fell in love with industrial and
hard techno sounds. In the ’90s he recorded first Mayday auditions on tapes and have listened it over
and over again and this is how it all started.
They work together in colectiv since 2018. Highly associated with Barlin based radio Raving.TV where
they are residents since 2019 and there you can hear them every friday in TechNOlife podcast. They
collaborate including with Sendlak.com booking agency and labels like Dog and Man, Lamp, Ancl
Lincor, Lodjiya czy Leading Astray. Beside their own productions they released with Jan Nowak IEM.
Their EPs have been remixed by such artists as Elek Fun and Mechanical Fusion.