SkyHARD. Privately Anna Kopica. She’s a DJ of the New Generation. Her passion to music started at her early age. As a fan of electronic music festivals which she has been actively attending till these days she always knew she will be standing at the other side of a dj console one day. However she was  awaiting the right moment for that just to fire it like a firework into the music industry. SkyHARD started her journey as a DJ back in 2020 where she quickly gained knowledge and mixing techniques. She has experience in playing live and you can also find many of her recorded sets and podcasts which are very popular and highly listened to among the audience. SkyHARD doesn’t limit herself to any type of music however Psytrance and Techno are the dearest to her heart. Her most recognizable signature at each event that she plays is strong and heavy Techno.
Asked about her style she said:
“For me it’s all about what and how I feel. My plays always reflect my emotions and my music selection always reflect characteristics of my soul. If I were to describe my playing style in few words it would be the faster, the harder, the heavier the darker the better. However I also have my sensitivity which you can hear when I play more hypnotic sets. I always felt that there is a music in my heart. I knew I will have to reveal it and I just needed a tool for that.”