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Bulgarian DJ Pavlin Bachvarov ( PBACHVAROV ) is already off to a hot start! Currently wrapping up a several tours as a DJ guest in Poland ,South America, Asia and Europe, he’s delivered a loaded Exclusive Mix with big smashing tracks. Hands up in the air up as we get a premiere of his upcoming 2020 exclusive mix set release PBACHVAROV -Beast in the house. Bulgarian Dj Pavlin Bachvarov (PBACHVAROV) working towards his own music production and label with partnership. Experienced as guest DJ for various private venues and clubs around Europe and South America including collaborating with top DJ’s. His passion is about interacting with audience by mixing great extensive collection of the latest and most powerful track drops and beats of House, Techno, Trance, Progressive. Based in London and currently DJ resident in Poland. Hosting two big events in Ministry of Sound London soon Currently wrapping up a several tours as a DJ guest in Poland ,South America, Asia and Europe